All Gas and Craters – The Red Lion, Little Compton

17th Jan 2013
More like ‘All Snow and Waiters’!
Alas, despite our best pleas, the weather put paid to our proposed ‘All Gas & Craters’ observing meeting at the Red Lion, Little Compton on Thursday 17th. A couple of plucky CNAAGers got there early for a bite to eat in the vain hope that there may be a chance of a glimpse of the Moon at least, but sadly it was not to be. However, one member of the public had come along just in case and had a meal and our good friends of WitneyTV & Witney Radio dropped in, also on the off chance to have a good chat about an exciting new project that I will update everyone on in due course. With the snow coming down harder by the minute we said our fond farewells and headed out into the frozen wastes; conclusively there was snow/no observing to be had. We will try again at a later date, probably in the early Spring.
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