Stargazing Oxfordshire – Astrophysics Dept

19th Mar 2013
Brian and I were there first and we were ushered up to the top floor to set up our scopes. The weather did not look promising but the helpers supplied us with some covers to use in case it rained. Good job they did as it rained for a good hour or so. Mel and Sarah set up camp in the room right at the end of the corridor where the Abingdon society were last time – I suppose to make it fair on all. Between checking the weather and the scopes on the roof Brian and I spent a bit of time with Mel and Sarah but from what I could tell we did not get that many visitors. Later in the evening we did however get about 45 minutes of broken cloud – luckily right overhead – and were able to observe the moon and Jupiter for a while, and probably about 30 – 40 different visitors were able to have a brief view through the scopes – always difficult to judge exactly how many different people are there because they come and go and of course it is dark. There was one other scope up there as well as mine and Brian's as one of the Abingdon crew set his up as well. Talked to quite a few people and think I have persuaded some to come along to the Spring Moonwatch. One gentleman in particular said that he has had a 10 inch reflector with an EQ5 mount and tripod for about 2 years but has never managed to set it up, I told him to bring it along and we would show him 🙂 By Doug Wells
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