Schools Outreach Event

20th Feb 2013
On a cold, windy and partly cloudy evening, CNAAG were pleased to be hosted by about 75 pupils and their parents at one of the many ‘outreach’ events we have run this winter. The evening began with a very fine overhead pass of the ISS before moving inside for a very well received, illustrated talk by Robin on the changes the digital revolution has made to astronomy and how amateurs can use quite basic equipment to achieve remarkable results. The evening moved outside again for a view of a –8 Iridium flare but by now the cloud had rolled in which took the edge of this potentially fine site. As the temperature dropped still further, the event drew to a close but nobody drifted away without seeing fine views of the Moon and Jupiter provided by Kevin, David and John. It was a very rewarding evening with lots of enthusiastic youngsters, very appreciative parents and a very warm welcome from all the staff at Enstone Primary School.
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