Schools Outreach Event

18th Sep 2013
Following a cloudy and blustery day, the weather proved more than helpful on Wedneday 18th Sept for the first of our Autumn outreach events at Shipston on Stour Primary School. Setting up not long after 6pm, the skies were clearing from the North West and we had a perfect view of the Moon, one day off full, rising over the rooftops. Over 50 pupils and parents listened to a talk about ‘Other Worlds, the Possibility for Life & Travelling to the Stars’ which was very well received and everyone picked up the Moore Moon Marathon sheets to go home with. Outside, interest was buzzing and everyone managed a look at the Moon through the 3 telescopes set up, 2 Vixen refractors and a Cassegrain, and there were plenty of ‘Wows’ as it was viewed (filtered) at higher magnifications. A great start to the season and the school is already planning another event. Thanks to Kevin W & Dave H for their stalwart support.
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