The CNAAG library is available for use by all paid up members. Not just books but equipment is included in the list. Items will continually to be added to the list which will be updated on the website. Any additions welcome. Please note that many items in the library are on loan and remain the property of its owner, please take care of all library items and return promptly when finished with.
The Moon, Mars & Venus – A Concise Guide in Colour
Antonin Rukl
The physical properties and observable phenomena of these 3 bodies including a 76 page full colour atlas of the visible Moon plus maps of Mars. Plenty of detail on the Moon.
Printed in 1976 – Hardback 254 pages
Homer’s Secret Iliad
Florence & Kenneth Wood
A fascinating book which goes into detail to explain that the Iliad was probably the earliest book on astronomy and the whole tale can still be read in the stars.
Printed in 1999 – Hardback 290 pages
Iain Nicolson BSc
A fantastic little book for the beginner or the expert who needs a refresher.
Paperback 160 pages
Patrick Moore – the autobiography
Patrick Moore
This captures the character and rich life of the world's most famous amateur astronomer. Once started, you won't put it down.
Approx 280 pages
Understanding Physics – the Electron, Proton and Neutron
Isaac Asimov
For the budding astrophysicist or cosmologist written by one of the most famous science fiction writers of modern times. A comprehensive and very technical paperback. If the characteristics of Andersons meson or Yukawas particles are keeping you awake at night – this book is for you.
Paperback 260 pages
A Brief History of Time
Stephen Hawking
A stunning book which brings us right up to date on the modern cosmo/astro thinking. First published in 1988, it is a landmark book although it requires a lot of concentration – please note, once you have read it you will be required to explain it to the rest of us.
The Cosmic Blueprint
Paul Davies
An in depth and absorbing look at the universe and how order can be made from apparent chaos.
Paperback 220 pages
Afterglow of Creation
Marcus Chown
A clear and easily understood explanation of the cosmic background radiation believed to be the relic of the original big bang which started everything off.
Paperback 170 pages
The Amateur Astronomer
Patrick Moore
Perhaps PM's most read book (and most reprinted!) Beginner or expert, there’s something in here for everyone written in the usual clear, no nonsense style. Fireside reading when its cloudy or raining.
Prescription For Disaster
Joseph J Trento
Fascinating reading which follows the fortunes of NASA from the heady and successful days of Mercury, Gemini and Apollo to the tragedy of the Challenger disaster. An expose of how standards were eroded through financial and political pressure
Hardback 300 pages
Prehistoric Astronomy & Ritual
Aubrey Burl
A concise booklet which tries to explain the links between ancient stone monuments and the stars, sun & moon.
Paperback 70 pages

A pair of 8 x 40 binoculars
Despite their small size these are lightweight, sturdy and can resolve Jupiter's moons.

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