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    Chipping Norton Amateur Astronomy Group
    Annual General Meeting
    Monday 16th February 2015 at 8 pm

    Viewing report from Mel Gigg
    The evening began with Mel giving a brief slide show of his photographs from the ‘Celebrating 10 Years of CNAAG’ event at Long Compton on 24th Jan 2015 a public event at Long Compton recreation ground which was the site of the first ever CNAAG meeting. One of Mel’s photographs was featured in the Banbury Guardian.
    He also showed some moon photos, Comet Lovejoy taken on Christmas night by Mel and also from Dave’s telescope. Comet Lovejoy is now getting fainter as it moves away from Earth.
    Mel announced a viewing session at the Airfield tomorrow evening which may be the last chance to see Comet Lovejoy.
    He also had pictures of asteroid 2004BL86. The next large asteroid will be passing by in 2026.
    Chairman’s Report
    CNAAG has entered the 10th anniversary year in a healthy state both financially and in membership terms. We have formed good connections in the astronomy world, for example making links with Oxford University and the Ashmolean Museum. It is good to raise the profile of the club whilst still keeping the informal atmosphere. Outreach is going well with visits planned to 14 different primary schools in the area as well as Chipping Norton School Family Focus events.
    Secretary’s report – the Club secretary and Membership secretary were not present at the meeting.
    Treasurer’s report
    Finances are healthy. We have £947 in the bank with a £500 float in the account. The Methodist hall is paid for and we plan to keep it as a venue in the long-term.
    Events Secretary
    Booking of speakers is proceeding well. Dr Allan Chapman is signed up for the March meeting and there some exceptional speakers planned later in the year to celebrate the 10th anniversary. Announcements will be placed on the website as information becomes available.
    The chairman announced that a visit to Bletchley Park is proposed sometime in April.
    Any other business
    ‘Show and tell’ session for Mel – 5 minutes at the beginning of meetings. But there was concern about delaying the start for booked speakers?
    Suggested a round-up of what is observable each month
    All agreed that website is doing well although Spacebook is not being well utilised.
    There is a 2 part article about CNAAG in the Cotswold Times publicising the club in advance of the solar eclipse – Robin will try to obtain some copies.
    Planned to do more solar observing after the clocks change – local pubs have expressed an interest
    Suggested that there was a clinic for members to bring telescopes to learn how to use properly – telescope workshop. Mel suggested that solar Sundays would be a good opportunity for this. Similar could be done with astrophotography.
    Andrew suggested reviewing fees but it was agreed that they seem okay at present. Can always consider fundraising or looking at available grants.
    Robin suggested that the club needs to have a capital project in mind. Robin will speak to Geoffrey.
    Spring Moonwatch on 28th March – plan to officially launch Rollright Stones Dark Sky Status.
    Andrew reminded members about CNAAG’s affiliation to BAA/SHS/FHS – members can get discounted entry to their events
    Currently we have no events advertised in Sky at Night magazine or the nationals due to the three month lead-in time.
    Solar eclipse 20th March – The eclipse will take place from 8.30 am until 10.33 am. There is space for 6 telescopes outside Jaffe and Neale, 3 by the tree and 2 by the defibrillator in town. Mel and Robin are planning to reconnoitre the town to check viewing possibilities.
    Meeting closed at 9 pm.

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