CNAAG’s Olympic Barbecue

28th Jul 2012
Around 40 CNAAGers, partners and friends veritably basked in the warm evening sunshine as the sound of sizzling sausages and burgers began to emanate from the amazing culinary accoutrements assembled and controlled by the newly appointed ‘CNAAG Head of Culinary Matters’, Ed Grimes. Embellished by salads, jacket potatoes and kebabs and washed down with appropriate liquids, it was a superb spread enjoyed to the full by everyone present. The Moon made its presence felt very early on being past 1st quarter and several scopes were set to provide the astronomical finale. When it was deemed dark enough we enjoyed some absorbing and thought provoking short videos. Shown on a huge screen the videos covering the up and coming landing of the Curiosity rover on the 6th August, an incredible HD time lapse video taken from the ISS and a thought provoking Steven Hawkings look into the future with a spaceship designed to travel at 95% of the speed of light. Trying to imagine that for every day that passes on that ship 1 year will pass on Earth is a staggering thought. Following on, the Moon was the majestic target it always is and most people managed to get an observation in. In almost continental warm conditions, this meeting was one of the most successful and informal we have had and with the terrific support shown demonstrates, once again, a terrific CNAAG membership, and what terrific times we can look forward to. Thanks to everyone for coming, special thanks to Ed and family for the barbeque – and to anyone reading this that wants to join a vibrant, active and enthusiastic astronomical society, contact CNAAG, you will not be disappointed. Chairman
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