CNAAG Perseid Meteor Night 11th – 12th August

12th Aug 2013
Sunday the 11th looked promising for observing from the airfield site and several astronomers met up in the ‘dip’ to get some shelter from an annoying wind. Increasingly, high cloud allowed only relatively short glimpses but meteors were seen and imaged successfully. The following night at the Rollright Stones found many CNAAGers and members of the public positioning themselves for a spectacular night of meteor spotting – no one was to be disappointed. As soon as the sky got dark enough streaks were to be seen in the cloudless sky. We were positioned in the stone circle side sheltered from the north wind and conditions remained calm and comfortable all evening. Bella and Rosa (now stars of the Sky at Night) started a count but gave up not long after the 100th meteor was spotted. A terrific night for the imagers who managed to capture some extraordinary shots. Two overhead passes of the ISS, numerous satellite sightings and deep sky objects complemented the evening’s viewing. Our CNAAG electronics guru Bryan (Lefty) Hunt arrived on site festooned not only with telescopes but with huge aerials and boxes of electronics, listening out for the characteristic sounds of incoming meteors – very impressive. The comedy was provided by Steve Levett with his hilarious ‘Collapsing Sun Lounger’ routine which had us all rolling about in laughter. Lots of interest from the visiting public and another fantastic turnout from CNAAG. everyone was rewarded in full by the sight of spectacular Perseid meteors, ionisation trails, lingering smoke trails and fireball meteors which made the evening one that will not be forgotten – as ever, terrific support by all, here’s to the next observing night.
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