CNAAG at Stonehenge

10th Aug 2013
The six cars and occupants who made the trek down to Stonehenge on Saturday 10th August were rewarded on arrival with blue skies and only passing cloud which boded well for the evening ahead despite the gloomy forecast. However, that feeling of well-being slowly ebbed away as cloud cover gradually rolled in from the west as we were setting up on site. By the time the event was due to start there was complete cloud cover – but it remained dry and relatively pleasant. Our stalwart host, National Trust Warden Lizzie Bryant and her team set up the refreshments and comet-making facilities whilst CNAAG members set up telescopes; the gazebo with projector, screen and generator; and we were all ready for the 50 members of the public to arrive. Lizzie began the evening with her fascinating talk about the myths surrounding the stars and constellations, particularly with Perseus, Cassiopeia and Andromeda. After a short break we presented our talk about the search for life beyond the solar system and some of the problems with travelling to the stars, the sound system coming in very handy. Lots of questions from the audience after the talk underlined the strength of interest in space and the universe. We had one fleeting glimpse of the ISS as it tracked overhead through a momentary break in the clouds but at 11pm the event came to a close. Surprisingly the evening was a great success despite the weather and showed how we are able to cope with the unpredictable. A great effort from all concerned and we all arrived safely home before 2am, bleary eyed but with a well deserved sense of accomplishment – thanks to all concerned.
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