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Welcome to the web site of the Chipping Norton Amateur Astronomy Group (CNAAG). How to Join Formed in 2005 , the Chipping Norton Amateur Astronomy Group has grown from an obscure and very informal group of just 3 like minded amateurs into a nationally recognised , highly active astronomical society with a membership , in 2016 , of approx 80 , and it is climbing all the time. Since moving to subscribed status , and with it the inevitable administration , CNAAG is managed by a core committee , essential to maintain a society of this size. We specialise in outreach work and taking astronomy out to the general public whether it is a school , public or private event – even if its cloudy or wet – we can do it. We have developed strong links with the Dept of Astrophysics , Oxford University and work regularly with them as part of the Stargazing Oxfordshire initiative . We have also been filmed by and have appeared on The Sky At Night (2013) with Pete Lawrence and Jon Culshaw , Stargazing Live (2016) with Dr Lucy Green and , inexplicably, ‘ Britain’s Weirdest Weather’ Channel 4 (2015) , our videos covering the last lunar eclipse. Our main observing base is the ancient Rollright Stone monuments , 5000 year old artifacts left by Neolithic and Bronze age societies. Observing from there on a starlit night is a surreal experience as we tread in the footsteps of , and look at the same star-fields as our Neolithic ancestors did , possibly making us the oldest astronomy society in the country. CNAAG operates throughout the year either observing from one of our several field observatories , participating in public or private events or taking astronomy into schools and other interested groups and we take great care to ensure that CNAAG remains informal , sociable and welcoming . We emphasise that astronomy is for everyone , without exception and , above all , is an incredible lot of fun to do. No experience , equipment or specialist knowledge or skill required – just bring along your enthusiasm ( and possibly a very warm coat ) , the stars and planets will do the rest . Whatever your level of interest in astronomy, please get in touch it will be great to meet you. A brief history Area for outstanding astronomy

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